This is the research site of Sam Geen. I am a theoretical astrophysicist using cutting-edge supercomputer simulations and analytic theory to understand how energetic processes from massive stars affects everything from the formation of stars in our neighbourhood to the evolution of galaxies.

"Feedback" from massive stars, i.e. winds, radiation, supernovae and other energetic processes, is a highly complex problem due to the extreme conditions, vast differences in length scales and interacting physical processes. Recently, we have been able to simulate star-forming clouds and galaxies in great detail, allowing us to study how stars shape their environments, create colourful nebulae and produce the elements necessary for life. I combine these simulations with new analytic theory and comparisons to observations of nearby star-forming regions to gain powerful insights into the life cycle of stars and galaxies.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik at the Universität Heidelberg in Germany. I previously completed my doctorate at the University of Oxford, UK and have worked at the Observatoire de Lyon and CEA Saclay, France.


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